Lindsey Pelas Is Destroying Dumb Dudes Who Insult Her on Twitter

Lindsey Pelas didn’t move from Louisiana to Los Angeles, build a social media following that numbers in the tens of millions, launch her popular Eyes Up Here podcast, and tirelessly organize countless of modeling shoots, all for misogynistic dicks to mercilessly attack her from the safety of their fart-baked futons.

But they do, and Pelas absolutely destroys them. It’s glorious to witness.

One of the bona fide smoke’s recent roasts was directed at someone who goes by “Erik the Twig” on Twitter and has what appears to be a real photo of himself in his profile and a couple thousand followers.

Most trolls use anime series-sourced avatars to hide from the 20-or-so bots that actually see what they tweet, but Twig decided to go full moron and respond to an innocuous observation by Pelas with the following: “Who cares you just post slutty pics for attention.”

Mr. Twig then got rightfully destroyed:

“A slut means someone who has multiple sex partners,” Pelas pointed out. “Even if you rub your penis on my photos we still aren’t fucking Erik.”

In response to a Pelas tweeting “Imagine dating me and fucking that up”—a clear instance of a cocky joke—another commenter wrote, “Probably because they realized your personality is atrocious which is what most women who depend on their looks are like.”

She really went on this likely incel, writing, “I mean this with no due respect- why do y’all follow me if you hate my wit and attitude so much? Lmfao get fucked weirdos I’m allowed to post some arrogant shit when I feel like it! Get a straw and drink my juice bitch.”

Pelas likely receives hundreds of these awful comments for every stunning image and video posted. And for every dumbass she lights up, she lovingly responds to 10 or more fans. But we’ll say this the above: they kept their original posts up after getting torched.

Others have bitched out and panic-deleted, leading us to wonder what type of vile prompted these other Pelas owns:

All we know is that we’re gonna keep drinking this beauty’s juice.

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