Meet the OnlyFans Model Who’s Suing ‘Thothub’ for Reposting Her Content


Instagram model and OnlyFans content creator Deniece “Niece” Waidhofer is suing a website for circulating images that are supposed to be exclusively accessible to her OnlyFans and Patreon subscribers.

The primary target of the complaint is “leaked content” site Thothub, which is dedicated to re-publishing pay-walled content. Pornographic websites Chaturbate and BangBros, both of which advertise on Thothub, are also named, as both are effectively funding the distribution of stolen content.

“After being published on Thothub and downloaded by many of its one million-plus members, Waidhofer’s published and unpublished works have been widely disseminated across the Internet and seen by millions. This has caused, and continues to cause, personal, reputational, and monetary harm to Waidhofer,” reads the complaint written by attorney Brett S. Rosenthal from law firm Reese Marketos.

Vice and its sister site, Motherboard, published a full report. Here are some key excerpts:

“Thothub’s terms of service prohibit uploading stolen works, but its front page features reposted content from well known creators, and even notes which paid platform the content originally appeared on.”

“Motherboard viewed emails provided by Rosenthal that he claimed Waidhofer sent to Thothub requesting that her material be taken down. One of these examples was detailed and showed that the material had been taken from Waidhofer’s Pateron account.”

Waidhofer did not receive a response to her many requests to remove her content via Thothub’s DMCA complaint application process. It was only after Motherboard contacted Thothub about the story that action was taken.

More from Vice:

“The lawsuit is seeking information from Cloudflare and the advertisers that may be useful in identifying who runs Thothub. It is also hoping the court will force Thothub to stop infringing Waidhofer’s copyright, and that she will be awarded damages.”

Waidhofer is known for posting risque photos and videos, often with refreshingly funny, self-deprecating captions that allude to her self-awareness as a thirst-trap manufacturer.

“Not to worry, the nose ring is fake just like basically everything about me except my personality,” one selfie was captioned in reference to her various implants. “Know that I think a minute, between the antidepressants and the controlled seizures I’ve come to the conclusion that my personality is augmented too, damn everything about me is fake now.”

It’s only a matter of time before she hits 2 million Instagram followers.


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