One Alcoholic Drink a Day Makes You Smarter, Says Awesome Study

If you like to end your day with a nice glass of wine or a cocktail, I have some really good news for you, my friend. According to a recent study published in the scientific journal JAMA Network, moderate alcohol consumption was found to be good for your brain by improving cognitive function, meaning you should definitely keep drinking if you want to stay sharp. 

For the study, researchers followed 19,887 adults with an average age of 61.8 over a period of 12 years, and gathered data on their cognitive function, mental status, word recall, and vocabulary with regularly administered tests and surveys. The researchers also asked the participants to report their drinking habits and how often they consumed alcohol.

The results of the study revealed that, relative to being stone-cold sober, moderate drinking — which means around 15 or fewer drinks for men and 8 or fewer drinks for women — was correlated with higher cognitive health and less decline in brain function. Yay. This is brilliant news. I love science. And alcohol.

However, here’s an important distinction to make note of: Only moderate alcohol consumption leads to better brain function — not getting wasted seven days a week. In fact, the researchers even found that going on benders and binge drinking actually leads to cognitive and mental health decline, so it’s best not to do that. Everything in moderation, gentlemen.

Well, bottoms up!


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