‘WeRateDogs’ Founder Arrested on Bestiality Charges

(Richard Horne on Unsplash)

Matt Nelson, founder of the massively popular “WeRateDogs” social media accounts, has been arrested on charges of bestiality and animal cruelty after allegedly committing sex acts with multiple dogs.

Billed as the “only source for professional dog ratings,” what seemed to be an affable destination for canine adoration hid a sordid underbelly. Investigators first became aware of Nelson’s animalistic sexual proclivities in 2018. He was vacationing in Barcelona when a pickpocket swiped his phone.

A Money.com feature on Nelson from that year would note “that the thief held what many would consider modern-day digital gold in his palm: the keys to Nelson’s WeRateDogs, the feel-good Twitter account at @dog_rates that shares and jokingly scores dog pictures twice daily.”

That was true, but the thief also discovered photos and video of Nelson’s performing countless lewd acts with dogs, ranging from six-pound chihuahuas to 200-pound Great Danes. Disgusted, the thief then handed the phone over to authorities, who began a two-year investigation.

At the time, Neslon actually tweeted, “My phone was stolen out of my hand tonight by a dude on a bike. everything’s shut down now, but my first and most prominent worry was what if he tweets a penis from dog rates.” In hindsight, that may have been some twisted Freudian slip.

Dennis, the pup pictured below, was also revealed to be one of the victims.

Nelson is currently being held without bond in Los Angeles, California, where he currently resides.


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