‘German Rambo’ Disarmed Four Cops and Hid in Black Forest Before Arrest

Yves Rausch, aka “German Rambo,” has been arrested following a five-day manhunt that began after he disarmed four police officers. The 31-year-old man’s nickname is, of course, based on the Sylvester Stallone character—a Vietnam veteran-turned-vigilante who fights corrupt police in the eponymous 1982 action movie.

According to the BBC, Rausch was first contacted by authorities who were investigating reports of a suspicious man loitering around the edge of a forest near Oppenau in southwest Germany. A camouflage-clad Rausch was initially cooperative when officers approached his hut…until he pulled out a pistol and somehow disarmed the four-man squad. With the guns, a bow and arrows and an axe on his person, he then fled deep into the forest, which he is believed to be know well.

Yves Rausch’s booking photo.

What ensued was a nearly week-long search that employed an elite Special Operations Command (SEK) unit—similar to American Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units—as well as helicopters, thermal signature detectors, police dogs and a team of more than 2,534 officers. He was ultimately found in a bush with the pistols and an axe on his lap. German tabloid Bild reports that a taser was deployed and an officer sustained superficial injuries from the hatchet during Rausch’s apprehension.

Rausch has a documented criminal record. He was handed a juvenile jail sentence of three years for shooting a woman with a crossbow 10 years ago. More recently, he was found in possession of child pornography.

He is reportedly very self-sufficient. According to his mother, Rausch grew his own vegetables, used the hut as his home, and whittled wooden gnomes with the hopes of selling them. Additionally, investigators had previously discovered a sort of manifesto titled The Call of the Wild that was likely authored by Rausch. In it, he argues that people who live in nature are superior to city-dwellers.


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