This Stunning Luxury Hotel in Turkey is Built Over 2,300 Year-Old Archeological Ruins

Back in 2009, the Asfuroğlu family began construction on what they believed would be a normal luxury hotel in Antakya, Turkey. As soon as they broke ground, though, they realized they had just discovered a 2,300 year-old historic archeological site from the Roman city of Antioch.

(Photo: Museum Hotel Antakya)

Fast forward over ten years, and the discovery turned into one of the biggest finds of the 21st century — but it didn’t derail their plans at all. 

Instead, The Museum Hotel Antakya was built over the archaeological site, and incorporated a museum called the Necmi Asfuroğlu Archaeology Museum — which is home to the world’s largest single floor mosaic which dates back to the 4th century, as well as over 35,000 artifacts from the 3rd century B.C. belonging to 13 different civilizations. 

As for the hotel part, Turkish firm Emre Arolat Architects (EAA) was called in to build a luxury property that’s built to surround and protect the artifacts.

(Photo: Museum Hotel Antakya)

And so a 200-room steel hotel was built around the newly-discovered historic site without disturbing any of the findings, with all rooms, the lobby, bar, and restaurant positioned with a striking view of centuries-old history. 

You can learn more about The Museum Hotel Antakya and the site’s incredible history right here.

(Photo: Museum Hotel Antakya)


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