The 5 Booziest Spa Treatments Around the World

Fun fact: Alcohol is fun. I love it. You love it. It’s good stuff.

But why just drink it? Why stop there? Why not rub it all over your body and absorb the goodness straight through your skin? It’s 2020, folks. It’s time to be innovative.

Luckily, some hotels are doing God’s work and have facilitated the holy union between booze and spa treatments for alcohol-infused massages and body scrubs that put regular massages with regular oils to shame.

From the bar to the spa, just sit back, relax, and let these intoxicating booze-fueled rubdowns take you places.

1. Jamaica Mocha/Rum Wrap
The Rockhouse Hotel, Negril, Jamaica

(Photo: The Rockhouse Hotel)

When you think of Jamaica, surely you think of rum, right? Right. As you should.

The spa at the stunning Rockhouse Hotel in Negril is home to the Jamaica Mocha/Rum Wrap, which involves marinating your body in a mixture of rum, hemp, cocoa and shea butters, honey, mango, orange, cinnamon, and patchouli.

(Photo: The Rockhouse Hotel)

During the treatment, you’re first rubbed down with the intoxicating mixture, and then wrapped up like a joint as the name implies for 45 minutes to let the rum and other skin-sooting ingredients soak deep into your skin.

(Photo: The Rockhouse Hotel)

Learn more right here.

2. Tequila Massage
The Grand Mayan, Vidanta Los Cabos, Mexico

(Photo: Unsplash)

Sure, drinking tequila is fun…but it’s also just as fun to get rubbed down with it. That’s why the Vidanta Los Cabos offers something called the “Tequila Massage” where you first get exfoliated with sea salt and then lubed up in tequila oil — almost per traditional tequila consumption, I guess. Kind of.

The tequila oil part of the treatment involves a lengthy massage that combines good ol’ tequila with Swedish, deep tissue, and lymphatic drainage techniques, making for a hell of a good time.

(Photo: Unsplash)

Pro tip: Take a shot or two of tequila before going in for the massage. Tequila inside and out = double the fun.

Learn more here.

3. Tuscany Pleasure
Il Salviatino, Tuscany, Italy

(Photo: Unsplash)

You know what they say…a bottle of wine a day keeps the doctor away. Right? Something like that.

The Hotel Il Salviatino in Tuscany knows exactly what’s up, because they offer a spa treatment called the “Tuscany Pleasure” that’s “specifically designed to even out the complexion and eliminate stress.” You know, as wine does.

The treatment includes a grape seed and red grape extract exfoliating scrub followed by a wine wrap for the body. And for the face, a relaxing massage using a wine based cream. Yesss. So much wine, everywhere.

“The result will be a soft and fragrant skin in addition to an unforgettable sensory memory of your stay in Tuscany.” Wow. Nice.

Learn more here.

4. St. Thomas Beer Body Ritual
Augustine Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

(Photo: Unsplash)

Attention all beer lovers! All of your beer-soaked dreams are coming true, because the Augustine Hotel in Prague is here to cover you from head to toe in all of the hoppy brewy goodness you could ever wish for.

The 90-minute St. Thomas Beer Body ritual begins in the Hammam room (Turkish bath) with an exfoliating scrub of organic hops, St. Thomas dark beer, and salts that regulate pH levels, detoxify, and hydrate.

Afterwards, the boozy treatment finishes with a full-body deep tissue massage…and perhaps a beer or two at the bar to really round out the experience, giving “cracking open a cold one with the boys” a whole new meaning.

Learn more here.

5. Vintage Bourbon Massage
Four Seasons, Chicago

If the stiff glory of bourbon is more your speed, check out the world-class spa at the Four Seasons Chicago and treat your senses to the Vintage Bourbon Massage.

The treatment begins with an exfoliating “Bourbon Bubbler” scrub that gets your blood flowing with a blend of brown sugar with Kentucky bourbon.

Next, a healing hot stone massage with essential oils relaxes, loosens aching muscles, and relieves stress…but the bourbon doesn’t stop there. The treatment is finished off with an exclusive glass of Knob Creek Barrel Select Bourbon at the hotel’s iconic Allium Bar.

Learn more here.



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