The ‘Ultimate Bedside 1911’ Is the Perfect Pistol for Home Defense

The semi-automatic pistol is a must-have home defense firearm, and Cabot Gun Company believes they’ve created the very best version in the “Ultimate Bedside 1911.”

The expertly crafted handgun is tailored to perform perfectly in the most dreaded situation—a home invasion. The Damascus steel slide and black PVD-finished frame fit together in a way that mitigates vision-distorting reflection.

Cabot Guns

From the rhombus checking on the main spring housing to the two beveled magazines and the Pennsylvania-based gunmaker’s house-made Fibonacci G-10 grips, every component is designed to maximize tactile engagement—an absolute necessity in low-light situations.

Cabot’s choice of a precision-fit aluminum TriStar aluminum trigger, reverse dovetail front sight and contrasting two-dot rear sight will no doubt enable a capable shooter to hit a 1.5-inch spread or tighter at 25 yards.

Cabot Guns

Finally, a bespoke frame-integrated accessory rail gives owners the option to equip a tactical light. The version shown here boasts a 1000-lumen SureFire X300 Ultra.

“When we bestow the mantle of ‘Ultimate’ to one of our creations, you can rest assured that you’re receiving only the very best,” Cabot says.

Cabot Guns

Available with .45 ACP or 9mm chambers, the Ultimate Bedside 1911 sells for $6,495 through Cabot’s website.



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