These 007-Worthy Sunglasses Have Built-In Speakers for Your Enjoyment

I’m a huge fan of sunglasses and listening to music, so obviously I was thrilled when I heard about the new Bose Frames, which can only be described as the lovechild of a pair of Ray-Bans and a subwoofer.

The hi-tech shades connect to your phone via bluetooth, and undetectable speakers that fall right in front of the ear allow you to listen to music, podcasts, whale calls, whatever. It even has a microphone so you can take calls on your sunglasses. I repeat: You can talk on the phone on your sunglasses. This is some spy-level technology, folks. James Bond himself would wear these.

What I’m not a fan of, however, is crappy sound quality, so I was honestly skeptical about these sunnies…but I only have one thing to say: They are GENIUS.

(Photo: Bose)

They look no different than a regular pair of shades, and the sound quality is unbelievable. The speakers create a sort of surround sound effect, and the bass is phenomenal. At full volume, you might as well be at a concert. Just close your eyes and there’s no telling the difference.

Despite the fantastic speakers, they’re actually lighter than some sunglasses on the market so they don’t hurt your ears or slide off your face.

And since literally no one has heard of sunglasses that double as headphones, these babies are even more elusive than AirPods, and if you take a call with your glasses you look like a crazy person who’s talking to themself. But you feel really cool and that’s all that matters.

(Photo: Bose)

One negative though, is that even though the speakers are pointed towards your ears to direct the sound at you and not out, turning up the volume to more than 50 percent does let others around you hear what you’re listening to.

Pros: Brilliant sound quality. Lightweight. Looks badass. Feels even more badass.

Cons: Everyone in a 5-foot radius can hear what your guilty pleasure song is if the volume is turned up high. More importantly, if you talk on the phone, you look insane. But is it worth it? Absolutely.

Get them here for $199.95.


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