How Dan Bilzerian (Allegedly) Accumulated His $200 Million Net Worth


Search “Dan Bilzerian Net Worth” on Google, and the first figure that pops up is an eye-watering $150 million from A better-known wealth tracker, Celebrity Net Worth, claims the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” is worth an even more astronomical $200 million. If true, the $5,000 he offered to fan-source the title of his upcoming autobiography would be a drop in Bilzerian’s figurative bucket. Given that his IG feed is dedicated almost entirely to cavalcades of bikini-clad women, lavish parties and guns, it’s easy to wonder what how Bilzerian accumulated his wealth.

Poker is purportedly a large factor, but he had a leg up from the beginning. MoneyINC reports that he and his brother, Adam Bilzerian, both inherited a sizable trust fund from their father. That’s almost certainly where he got the the money to launch his professional poker career in 2009, when he finished in the cash in 180th place at the World Series of Poker main event, taking home a relatively modest $36,262.

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That was his last professional poker tournament, but Bilzerian continued to play high-stakes cash games. This is where the initial source of his fortune comes into dispute. He claimed to have won $10.8 million in a single night of hands in 2013, and a grand total of $50 million throughout 2014, according to Upswing Poker. These figures, which have never been confirmed, raised suspicions among many in the poker community, notably Doug Polk. The YouTuber and fellow poker pro called Bilzerian merely a “fish in the water” due to his overly aggressive play style and lack of solid fundamentals after analyzing an online session that Bilzerian live-streamed to Twitch. Polk’s analysis have lead many to believe that his millions largely come from his trust fund.

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Regardless of his poker earnings and skills, Bilzerian now has other sources of revenue. With 32.5 million Instagram, Influencer Marketing Hub’s potential earnings calculator estimates that the Blitz can make between $64,000 and $107,848 per post of bevies of beauties in the Dan Bilzerian house. He’s also the CEO of Ignite, a CBD company that’s branded similarly to Bilzerian’s social media persona with sexy female Ignite models. Unfortunately, Ignite was $50 million in the red, which has forced him to relocate from the aforementioned LA mansion. And things aren’t going better now, with Ignite reporting $1.6 million in sales amounting to just $600,000 in actual profit per Forbes.

Ignite almost going to fail, so it looks the Instagram playboy will either have to hit the poker tables again or dip deeper into the trust fund, depending on where his money actually comes from.


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