Best Bald Head Shaver – The Best Affordable Skull Shavers to Buy in 2021

Be it genetics catching up to you or the passage of time, there might come a day (knock on wood) where you’ve got to trim your precious locks with, ideally, the best bald head shaver. As in: Trim your hair all the way down to your skull, not all that dissimilar from a whole host of legends. Andre Agassi did it, Bruce Willis famously rocks a chrome dome, even Jason Statham has his hair cut close to the scalp. It’s not something to feel bad about, is what we’re trying to say.

It’s actually something you might want to pursue if you’ve grown tired of trips to the barbershop and perhaps, well, less-than-optimal styling methods. The true power in going with a bald head lies in how you pull it off, and you’ve got plenty of guys with which to get some crucial inspiration for your latest and greatest grooming trick. If that sounds like hyperbole, stick with us: It’s not, and we’re serious about that. A bald head can unlock a world of wonders, or at least, a new outlook on life.

Sometimes, it beats trying to pull off a receding hair style (even though Jude Law devilishly does just that).

It’s an essential step in the grooming routine, or at least, it can become essential if you decide to take the plunge and embrace your bald pate. Using an electric trimmer to get a stunningly close bald head shave is a bold move, sure, but it’s one that you can fully own. Who knows: You might even draw your fair share of compliments after making this move. Actually, scratch that: We know they’ll come rolling in as soon as folks start to see you’ve embraced your inner badass and picked up a bald head shaver.

Heck, a bald head makes even classic looks and ensembles stand out a bit more. Take, for instance, the next time you layer up with your favorite field coat and a new chrome dome. Instantly way more badass, right? The same goes for when you’re hitting the gym in the best jogger pants — instantly, you’ve got a bit of that “Jason Statham in training mode” vibe going. Not too shabby, right?

Sometimes, it beats trying to pull off a receding hair style (even though Jude Law devilishly does just that). Like we said above, you’ve got to embrace it and really go for it as far as pulling off a bald head. As with any style or grooming move, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. You’re not just going to walk off the bus and get it perfectly right without the proper equipment. Enter one of the best bald head shavers, as solid a way as any to ensure a close, clean, smooth and pain-free shave for your skull.

In fact, if you find the right bald head shaver, the process could become surprisingly quick. Options certainly abound, because we’re willing to be superstars like Statham and Willis wouldn’t embrace the look if it wasn’t done the right way. What exactly do you need for the closest bald-head finish? We’re glad you asked. Come on a journey with us and keep these pointers in mind when shopping for a bald head shaver.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Bald Head Shaver

  • Efficiency: Call it efficiency, call it speed, call it whatever you want, but the best bald head shavers should be easy to use and highly effective without a lot of hassle. Some bald head shavers, like the Pitbull GOLD Pro Head and Face Shaver promise a close shave in 90 seconds. If you decide to go the traditional razor route however, you’re looking at a longer time and potentially, a bit more hassle. So, efficiency is the name of the game when shopping for one of the best bald head shavers, and we’re glad you know that now.
  • Utility: Some electric trimmers are sort of a grooming jack-of-all-trades, if you will, the kind that can actually work to trim your skull as well as your face. This is crucial if you’re looking for a top-notch bald head shaver that could run you a few extra dollars (the Pitbull Platinum comes to mind, but again, more on that in a moment). If you can find a bald head shaver that takes care of its primary goal and functions as a trimmer for your face, that’s all the better. Still with us? You’re nearly on your way to shaved head glory.
  • Durability: We keep coming back to central themes like durability and utility because they’re what make the world go ’round (or at least, they’re qualities to look for in one of the best bald head shavers). When you find a bald head shaver that can stand up to repeated usage with comfort in mind, we say go for it. If that bald head shaver is also built for comfort, you’re in luck. Take that Pitbull Gold Shaver we keep mentioning. As far as comfort is concerned, the brand has gone all out with a”signature patented innovative ergonomic handle which offers easy grip and perfectly fits your hand.” Durability and efficiency rolled into one. That’s more like it.

Those three tips are but a starting point when shopping for a bald head shaver. Which one do you need in your medicine cabinet? Get started with a few choice picks here.

The Best Bald Head Shavers to Buy in 2021

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Head and Face Shaver

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Head and Face Shaver

There’s no word on whether Mr. Worldwide himself actually uses this handy head and face shaver, but if he indeed does, well, that makes it more than good enough for you. If you want to take that plunge, as we mentioned above, into the world of an expertly shaved head, it pays to pick up a bald head shaver that can do a little bit of everything. The ergonomic comfort, as covered above, is top-of-the-line, without a doubt. Plus, those crucial factors of durability and efficiency (remember, 90 seconds to a clean shave!) are also critical. One more note on durability: The brand says that the “Pitbull Gold PRO electric shaver uses IPX5 technology and is water resistant,” so to us, that means you can save yourself some steps and use it in the shower, on the go. It’s a winner, no questions asked.

Freedom Grooming Flex Series Grooming Kit

Freedom Grooming Flex Series Grooming Kit

This Flex Series Kit from Freedom Grooming promises a heck of a lot with this handy, all-in-one grooming kit. As far as we’re concerned, it sure does look like they deliver. This grooming kit is designed with a smooth glide and ergonomic movement in mind, all the better to hit the contours of your face, head and body. It’s a more compact design than you might be used to seeing, but it sure does offer up plenty of bang for your hard-earned bucks. You also get a lifetime warranty with this bald head shaver, believe it or not, and the brand promises (or nearly promises) that you can use it to “get a stubble-free shave in just a few minutes.” It might sound too good to be true, but that’s why you’ve got to try it for yourself.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO Head and Face Shaver

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO Head and Face Shaver

Another high-quality bald head shaver from Pitbull ought to do the trick, yes? The Platinum Series ups the ante even further if you want both a supremely close shave and a bit of cool style thrown in. Heck, the experience could actually become enjoyable as you use the Platinum PRO Head and Face Shaver to a surprisingly smooth, gleaming dome. What’s not to love about a brand with a name like Skull Shaver, after all? Now that’s a brand you can trust if you want one of the best bald head shavers for men. It’s got an upgraded look compared to its less expensive predecessor, but all the same sleek performance you’d expect. And when it comes to getting a clean-shaven face and head, nothing less than the best will do. For instance: Skull Shaver says that this model uses its “all new PRO blade design: a radical new design from Skull Shaver that promises the best performance and longevity yet.” That sounds like a new grooming essential to us.

Norelco Face, Head and Body Multigroom 9000 Kit

Norelco Face, Head and Body Multigroom 9000 Kit

Remember what we said earlier about versatility in matters of grooming? Norelco truly seems to have taken that to heart with this jam-packed, highly versatile and downright necessary grooming kit to cover all of your bases. It’s got enough styling tools and attachments to cover your face, hair, body and more, but it’s the extra-wide hair trimmer that seems pretty ideal to get you a closely shorn skull. It uses what Norelco calls its most advanced blades yet, and to be more specific, they’re talking about the use of “DualCut technology for maximum precision with 2x more blades.” How’s that for packing a serious punch? 29 different pieces in total make this a highly effective and seriously easy-to-use head and face trimmer, but there’s so much more. It’s also priced under $80, which is a downright steal any way you look at it.

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