Bottoms Up: Ryan Reynolds Announces New Aviation Gin ‘Home School Edition’ With ‘More Ounces’

As if this year hasn’t sucked enough already, 2020 decided to gift millions of parents around the U.S. with yet another surprise to make their lives even more difficult: Homeschooling. To help all of the suffering parents out there, Aviation Gin was like “We see you. We hear you. Here is some alcohol,” and launched a new 1.75 liter “Home School Edition” bottle, and obviously, Ryan Reynolds is in the commercial.

Fun fact: Aviation Gin is actually made at the Westward Whiskey distillery in Portland, Oregon, and I had the incredible opportunity to visit and tour the facility last summer. If you’re a fan of Aviation Gin, make sure to try Westward Whiskey. It’s one of my personal favorites, so that should give you an idea of how awesome it is.

“It’s just like the classic delicious Aviation Gin that you love, but with more ounces,” Reynolds quips to the camera.

“It can help with a variety of subjects. Fourth grade geography, whatever the fuck new math is, and revisiting your own long forgotten middle school traumas.”

Seriously, though. Middle school is the fucking worst. I had the biggest crush on this guy named Harrison when I was in eighth grade (it was not a secret), and one of the mean popular girls thought it would be hilarious to pretend to be Harrison on a fake AIM profile and tell me he liked me back. Obviously I went up to him at school the next day, and you can only imagine how that went. Talk about trauma.

Anyway, people in the Twitterverse are loving the new Home School Edition. I, too, am here for it.

You can sign up for a Parent-Gin Conference (a.k.a. buy a bottle) right here for $60.



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